The "Cleaning Up in Laundromats" DVD is loaded with over three hours of instructive, entertaining information including the specifics of Danny's proven system for obtaining all cash business - absolutely FREE. Most laundry insiders have toiled for years and STILL aren't privy to the astounding tidbits contained on this disk!

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What People Are Saying...

"There is scarce little information available about (the Laundromat) industry, after three months of research I was ready to simply give up, then I watched the DVD and in three hours I’ve made the decision to move forward with my own Laundromat!"
Steve Linstrom, Atlanta, GA.

"I have to admit I’m a bit of a self help junkie. I’ve purchased every system from real estate books on tape, to working at home computer programs. I’m here to tell you this DVD is great! It covers REAL information, not simply concepts."
Anita Granger - Milwaukee, WI.

"My wife and I have a small Laundromat in (Philadelphia area). Our store’s income was dropping steadily over the last few years. The program helped us to realize we were making some serious mistakes in our store’s operation. After making some minor adjustments I’m thrilled to write to you that we are in the black, and looking for another store currently!"
Robert & Sherry V. "SudZStop"

"Thanks Danny, for a great seminar."
Patrick Sherlock Scottsdale, AZ.

"As a retired stock broker looking for an absentee business, my research into this field was extensive to say the least. I joined the Coin laundry Association, spoke with local distributors, even attended a Maytag maintenance service school! I firmly believe knowledge is power! No one I spoke with could give me specifics regarding moving forward with my own laundry, until I talked with Danny. After attending his seminar two months ago I now own a 4200 square foot store and am projecting a 30 percent profit in year one!"
A. Freidrich CFP®, CRPC®, AAMS®, CFS, CMFC® Ret.

"It seems anyone earning good money in Laundromats isn’t about to part with their secrets. I found anyone selling a store was doing it because they weren’t making any money at all! Danny was the key that unlocked those money making secrets to me! Thank you, God Bless!"
(name withheld)

"A second generation Laundry Distributor, and owner of 14 family owned chain stores, I have taught more than one owner the ropes in this industry. My years mentoring Danny have led me to assess that the student truly has become the master. His business acumen in conjunction with simple street smarts give him an edge that is unique to him. I’m proud of him, and what he’s now passing on to others."
Randy Aman, LRS Investments

"Thanks Danny, You are a man of integrity."
Edward A. Maznio, President & Founder, PurTone Hearing Centers LLC

"What he charges for this information is ridiculous. No one is willing to give away this gold mine! If you are second guessing the price, I would second guess myself."
Gary Felder - NYFD Firefighter / Laundromat Owner - Harlem, NY

"Thanks for putting so much into your tremendous DVD! I really enjoyed (it) and have a lot of work to do! Thanks!"
Jon Whitacre - Carterville, IL.

"I've owned a lot of businesses, and with Danny's help have opened my first Laundromat for free. This business is very different, for the amount of work that you do this level of profit is ... unheard of!"
Chad Turnwald - Mt. Pleasant, MI

"The DVD is amazing! I have been watching it while I write my business plan and research everyday since it came in the mail. It plays back to back to back while I work, to get more ideas. Lots of valuable information. I live in the Chicagoland area, and my goal is 20 stores to be shared between my parents and my sister, Within the next 4 years. I am 100% commited to this goal, all my focus is on this opportunity. I am your newest protege! Thanks! "
Mike Harris - Chicago, IL.

"Danny, your DVD educated me more in three hours than I could have learned on my own in three years! It was worth every penny. I will be hiring you to conduct my lease negotiations very soon. "
Dr. Mano Lalchandani DDS - Holyoke, MA.

"WE DID IT!!! We have our first store!! We will be holding our Grand Opening Sept 18, 2010 at 10:00am. Thanks for all of the great information on the DVD. It was a big help. Our store has a drop off for dry cleaning, and we will be doing WDF. We would love for you all to be at the Grand Opening. "
Beverly Fontenot - Klassy Klean Services - Riverdale, GA

"I was looking for a Laundromat for sale in New York through a broker and a real estate agent for almost six months, and none of the numbers made sense. I bought your DVD and have seen the light! You ask, \"Why would anyone sell a profitable cash business?\" the only answer is - they wouldn\'t. I have written my first LOI (letter of intent) just today using your system as a template. And you taught me to look for my all cash Laundromat in New Jersey - who knew! I haven\'t been this excited in quite a while! Thanks, Danny!\""
Phillip Ranski - Queens, NY

"I received the DVD and viewed it several times and the information is very informative and valuable. Thank You!"
Algernon Brown - Kennesaw, GA.

"After watching the DVD and seeing Danny go out and talk with people it gave me the inspiration to go out right here in Atlanta Georgia and open my first Laundromat. I have been looking into Laundromats for over 4 years, talking with distributors, builders, and even a man who has 6 stores, none of them were able (or willing) to show me the tricks that your DVD taught me. Your DVD saved me over $100,000. in the first six months in free rent alone. I never would have thought of even asking for it until you introduced me to the concept! Thank you, Danny!"
Sebrina Barrett - Atlanta, GA

"I just had my first phone consult with Danny today. I feel as though you could write a book with just the information from that one call! Your time and your DVD has been some of the best money I have spent!! Danny you are the man, full of wisdom, and I appreciate you not trying to rush me off the phone. May you and your family be blessed all the days of your lives!!!"
Dee Sullivan - Junction City, KS

"Please rush me these DVD's, my goal is have my first Laundromat is less than 90 days! Stay tuned..."
Chris Bowen - Marietta, GA.

"I'm I soldier in the Army that just received your DVD today (Thurs Oct. 14th 2010). Danny is awesome and I'm really excited about scouting my 1st store with my wife and kids this weekend! We look forward to your seminars and meeting you soon."
Eddie Goynes Jr. US Army Infantry - Fort Drum, NY.

"Hello Danny (Our Mentor :), I have purchased and am continuously watching your DVD course and now I have begun scouting my first Laundromat here in the Atlanta, GA metro area. By day I am a financial analyst with a fortune 500 manufacturing company, so I may have analysis paralysis...! My husband and I have a great desire to exit the corporate world and become business owners. We enjoy investing but have been intrigued with your business system for a cash flow Laundromat. I am at the point now where I am establishing a relationship with a distributor. (Just like in your teachings). I am very serious about acquiring our first Laundromat soon. Your video has made us both into believers. Thanks for your video and for any continued help. "
Kesha & Chris McCartha - Ellenwood, GA.

"The customer service and service after the sale is extraordinary! I know since I've received my DVD’s 2 weeks ago I've sent plenty of Q&A emails, almost everyday. Every question I've had has been answered very fast, most within a matter of minutes. They're very modest in so many ways; their free e-mail follow-up advice alone is worth thousands of dollars, and hours of trial and error saved to us!! Do yourself a favor, don't wait, get the DVD and plug into the seminars. You're crazy if you don't! We're glad we did!!! Thanks again, "
Eddie Goynes Jr. US Army Infantry - Fort Drum, NY.

"It would be my pleasure to host Danny's United Kingdom visit at my new store. God willing, I will be a 1st time coin-operated launderette owner in 2011. I am currently putting my plans together for financing, plus researching industry specific valuation/negotiation techniques, the DVD will be a valuable addition to this process. I used to work for a business broker a while ago, so I know the standard valuation methodology...but insider's tricks are what I'm looking for! This is my first venture as a business owner and I see a laundry as an anchor for my entrepreneurial growth and family security. I currently work freelance marketing in London. My career history includes corporate foreign exchange sales, financial advising and project management. I hope my methodical approach to business will bear fruit in my laundry venture. Kind regards, "
Glafeus Cole - London, England.

"Danny, I just wanted to drop you a line from Aspen! How very different last year was for me and my family. I didn't know whether (having just been laid off from a major pharmaceutical company) I would be able to afford a Christmas tree in a year. Here I am twelve months later taking my wife and the boys on a nine day ski vacation while my two laundries pay for everything. I love you and what you have done for us. Merry Christmas."
John Szendzielorz - Boulder, CO

"Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge you provide in your DVDs. I'm out scouting stores and have come across a couple of deals that hopefully will pan out as one of my first stores. I'm really going strong with promoting a “Green Laundromat” especially with your statement about this business just being resellers of utilities (gas,electric,water) at a premium, I never thought about that way until you mentioned it. So I plan to have solar panels and water/gas reclaim systems installed to help reduce my monthly bills and help put more money back in my pocket!"
Chris Bowen - Marietta, GA.

"Thanks so much for keeping in contact with me (after my DVD purchase) I am currently retiring from my business as an electrical contractor at the young age of 37 to pursue my dream of owning a Laundromat chain. I am relocating from New York to Florida. Once I'm there I will be contacting you to set up the telephone conference with Danny. I appreciate you keeping in contact and look forward to meeting you and your camera crew in my first store.....thanks again!"
Jude Wilken - Manorville, NY

"Hi, sorry I missed your call. When I sent (my negative) e-mail I wasn't expecting a response at all "funny". I've bought so many DVD’s, seminar tickets, programs, and coaching programs over the years and I now know that coaching/educational DVDs from "most" business entrepreneurs turned business coaches are just another business venture for them in its self. With that being said, excuse me for my skepticism. You mentioned that you guys have always had a 100 percent no question asked return policy, well the problem is not the money the problem is the "time". I really want to get into this business; I wake up every morning thinking about it and taking notes and go to sleep doing the same but I don’t want someone else wasting my time because they want money. I am actively searching for something or someone with knowledge of this business to cut back on the mistakes. In conclusion, tell me why my 250us odd dollars is an amazing investment for the price. What will I get from the DVD and I will check my e-mail at a later date.... P.S. Education is priceless. - Brandon *************** - Brandon, I too am glad that you wrote, because too many people simply have a negative thought and move on. In answer to your excellent questions, The DVD teaches you EVERYTHING that you see on our FAQ page, and a lot more! You will learn from all of my mistakes, and NEVER repeat them. You will find that I am extremely opinionated, because I know what works! Secondly, sign up for the newsletter and you might even see an occasional sale on the DVD. – Three hours will change your take on the Laundromat business, I GUARANTEE IT. P.S. go look at our testimonials page where we have posted this entire exchange! Godspeed, Danny D. "
Brandon Morris - Beaumont, TX.

"I thank you for your (newsletter) support. I'm now researching to open the first Laundromat business in the history of Ethiopia (East Africa) I have seen several You Tube films which are related with Laundromats. It is all interesting. But the way that businesses are running in US and Ethiopia, is totally different. Of course, I can learn a lot of things from the people who get the keys to success from you. Right now I'm living in the Netherlands but I would like to come back home and start my Laundry business. One thing I need to know from you, if I buy your DVD, can it help someone who starts completely in another place than US? Just please give me your honest answer. ****************** Asnake, I am so excited for you and where your future is headed, the short answer to your question is YES. My DVD will teach you many, many items that are needed WORLDWIDE to obtain, negotiate for, and run a successful Laundromat, and let me tell you that we have sold hundreds of DVDs not just in the USA, but in 11 other countries as well! And although we have a 100 percent no questions asked return policy NO ONE has ever returned my product, so they are definitely learning a lot internationally! – Good luck back home, Danny D’Angelo "
Asnake Bekele – Ethiopa, Africa

"Get ready to pay this guy $189.00 -- for what? How to do what he is so successful at doing? Hmm. So now he needs or wants to ALSO sell DVD's for ten times their value to the gullible who want to get rich quickly and easily. Why does he offer the money back as soon as you open your first Laundromat? Because, using his information, the vast majority of buyers will not be able or willing to do so. Wonder why? Damn these people. *********************David, Danny D'Angelo here. I approved your post on my Youtube account a few moments ago, (I could have simply deleted it, as it was never public) but thought folks should see what you had to say. I also re-posted it on my Facebook page and on my website. Although you literally cursed me, and put down those who would better themselves through motivational successful individuals, (albeit at a cost) you were kind enough to point out my guarantee, which I happily extend to you if you are up to the challenge. Good luck in all things. – Danny D’Angelo"
davidkavich1 – Youtuber

"Danny, Got the DVD and watched it 3 times. Holly $h!T - I want more info and 2 stores before summer! I've been out scouting (already) too!"
Doug Duffield - Santa Rosa, CA.

"GREAT DVD! I can tell you they don't teach this to you in college. Very informative, the DVD showed me that there was a lot i did not know about this business. I plan on watching it over and over to take down notes on key points. Thank you, I will keep you updated..."
Dexter Lubin – Miami, FL –(Comment on Facebook)

"Good morning Danny, I have come to a decision after watching your DVD and reading the information from your website. I have done some of my own research looking for anything that would sway my decision one way or the other. I'M ALL IN! Danny everything you have presented makes sense. I haven't come across anything that has made me question the honesty of your claims, trust me that is no easy feat, as I have become very cynical of other claims of "free". Danny, you have been very kind and generous in providing me with this opportunity and I am very grateful, but I will probably be asking you a million questions in this endeavor, which I hope will be ok. I really need this to work! Thank you again and if I can ever be of any help to you, your business such as a testimonial, I will be more than happy to do whatever I can. Sincerely, "
Kevin Feltner - Glendale, AZ.

"Got the DVD on Friday. The information is amazing. How can I attend the next seminar in Dallas? I NEED TO TAKE ACTION. THIS OPPORTUNITY IS LIKE A FLIGHT TO TREASURE ISLAND! I DON’T WANNA MISS IT!"
Kojo Essah Davis - Salt Lake City, UT.

"My wife was wanting to get back into the workforce last year. I looked at the potential for her earnings in an hourly job and had decided that she needed to run a business and raise our two year old instead! With the help of your words on the dvd WE HAD OUR GRAND OPENING of SOAPY SUDS LAUNDROMAT! Danny, I am an insurance salesman here in southern Arkansas and just wanted to tell you that our store is already turning a profit after just six months, my wife goes in a few hours a week, and works for herself. Not someone else. I learned a lot from you and you answered all of the questions that I had. For instance, we are 24 hours (the only one in town) and have plenty of seating and folding, my video arcade games alone net me $280 a month! Thanks for everything; I will definitely keep in touch. "
Matt Gibbs – Soapy Suds Laundromat Camden, AR.

"Thanks for being assertive about sending me the DVD. I Can’t wait to get started. I’ve Been staying up to date with your blogs and newsletters, so I’m familiar with the potential the program has to offer. Best regards."
Dexter Thomas - west Haven, CT (via Facebook)

"I called your number from your site today and spoke with James - I think that who he said he was - Australian accent. Anyway, I purchased your DVD. I have been in the aerospace business for 22 years now. I'm away from my family 300 days out of the year. It's time for a change. My Uncle owned 5 Laundromats; and sold them a few years ago. I tried to talk to him when he was still in business, but he was tight lipped. He had a lucrative business. He is now in his seventies and enjoying the rest of his life. My dad also tried talking with him about getting into the business and he had no luck. My dad is gone now and since I have been following you for the last two years, I have come to the conclusion it is now time to do this and get home. Thanks for keeping me inspirited. I am currently working a Quality Engineering position at a major defense contractor as a contract employee. Guess who's making the money? You guessed right, not me. I'm looking forward to working with you and if everything works out I will have my first Laundromat in 90 days."
Jack Thomas Jr USAF (RET) – Layton, UT.

"First order of business - loved the "Cleaning up with Laundromats" DVD! Absolutely loved it! While I've been doing laundry scout missions for around two years, now I have a better sense of purpose as to what I should be looking for thanks to your DVD. Thank you! My question - now that I've discovered you & managed to just miss the October seminar here in Dallas, could you please give me an idea of when & where I could expect to find you? Between my work as a physician & having four kids (from age 5 to 20) I have to plan for this sort of a weekend trip a few months in advance. And if you want to schedule one sometime in Las Vegas that would be good with me. Thanks again "
Dr. S. Wes - Dallas, TX.

"WE OPENED OUR LAUNDOMAT IN CAMDEN, AR AND SIX MONTHS LATER WE ARE PROFITABLE... Thank you Danny. It all started when my wife and I started looking into her going back to work once our son turned two. What she could earn working back at the bank vs. owning a Laundry was no contest. And now she can raise our little boy. Our town only has 11,000 people in it, yet we were able to implement what we saw in your DVD and are already making money. I was also impressed with how you called me up on the phone and always have time for me. I hope to continue our friendship."
Matt Gibbs, "Soapy Suds" Laundromat - Camden, AR.

"I used to work at the bank and now (after opening the Laundromat) I go into the bank with big CASH deposits! I could NOT imagine going back to a 9 to 5 job every day, over and over again, EVERYONE out there needs to buy this DVD. Thank you, Danny"
Crystal Gibbs "Soapy Suds" Laundromat - Camden, AR.

"Hello Danny! I purchased your DVD a couple of weeks ago. I've always had a desire to own my own Laundromat but never really thought I had what it took to pull it off .(i.e... Knowledge / Dollars) after viewing your DVD several times since my purchase, I feel the confidence/empowered to get in the drivers seat and drive! "
Regina Jackson – Lancaster, CA.

"I ordered your course approx. 3 months ago, and it has opened my eyes about this business a lot. Thanks for your quick response to all of my e-mails. I will move forward one way or the other. I will continue to listen to your DVD's so I can continue to gain knowledge and gain financial freedom, Danny you are the real deal, and thanks again for you quick response, may God bless you and yours."
Steve Boyd - Memphis, TN.

"Lease signed and we take possession next month on our new Laundromat in Chicago, IL. It took a while to find the right deal but we stuck with it. Thanks to the knowledge we gained from your DVD. Thanks Danny! We'll keep you informed on further progress."
Brandon Howliet – Chicago, IL. (Comment via FaceBook)

"What Great news!...congrats to Brandon and God bless you, Danny, for helping real people take control of their lives in such bleak economic times. Having bought your DVDs and studied them it's clear there is no better time to land my 1st free Laundromat...working on a prospect now as it happens..." my turn!""
Glaf Cole - London, England. UK

"Hi Danny and family, Thank you for the great card. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the Woodworth's. I recently bought your DVD and have been through it several times. I'm from Florida and retired military but currently live and work in Indonesia. I want to begin owning laundries for my retirement and to build something I may be able to pass on to my kids so I will have lots of questions. I sincerely want to thank you for the hard work in putting all this information together for people like me. I know you’re a busy guy all year long so I want you to spend lots of fun time with your beautiful family during this wonderful time of year and won't bother you now with my questions but look to hear from me after the holidays. Hope you all get what you want from Santa! "
Mark Woodworth, Msgt, USAF Ret.

"Hi, Danny. I brought your DVD in October and opened my Laundromat 55 days later (December 15), By the way, I learned a lot from your DVD before I brought this store and after one year of operation I am NETTING over $9,000.00 a month! it proves that your system really works. I really appreciate all of your knowledge! -I could not believe it when I got my money back for the DVD purchase! What a great new year's gift! "
“Sam” Somsak Asawalapsakun / LaunderLand Coin Laundry – Burbank, CA.

"I bought your video about three months ago and I enjoyed every bit of it. As a matter of fact, I treasure the information that was presented in the video. I spoke to your assistant in the office and he informed me that, I can get a consultation with you for a small fee. Well, I shared the information with my spouse, but she feels that your claims are too good to be true. At this moment, I cannot and I will not try to convince my wife that your claims are true. I just have to obtain a free Laundromat as a testimony to your success and good deeds and I’d like to schedule a meeting on the phone for my consultation. I truly believe in this opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing from you. ALOHA! "
Kojo Davis - Salt Lake City, UT.

"Since I purchased the DVD I have watched it twice, taken extensive notes and am glad that I purchased it as I believe that knowledge is power and that if I am going to buy a Laundromat I want to learn as much as I can about the business before I get started. I have learned a great deal from you and your experience. I am an investment manager and am looking at this as an investment. I am about to start scouting Laundromats tomorrow (I have my camera and 3-ring binder ready to go!) but one thing I am really curious about is whether or not I will be able to locate any solid prospects or if this territory has been clean picked– Oh, well, only one way to find out….. Thanks again for your help,"
Steven Bodnar - Hartford, CT.

"First of all, I want to thank you for making this DVD. A lot of people are hurting in this economy including my self and didn't know where to turn. Since I bought your DVD I have a plan of action. This ultimately gave me hope to better my life and secure my future. However, I still have a lot of work to do and hopefully one day you can interview me in my new Laundromat."
Andrew Flynn - Deerfield Beach, FL.

"My wife and I will have purchased our first coin op on April 2, 2012 and we are both excited and a little nervous. I have been a financial services recruiter for almost 20yrs and have simply become “burned out” and wanted to try something new. I just purchased your DVD and am hoping to learn some valuable information from you on helping us acquire other stores in the very near future. I was wondering when your next webinar will be. Any chance that you have a set date/time? Thanks for making this information available to people like ourselves! I’m hoping it is everything you advertised and more! Not that you will have time to respond but I will send you updates as to our progress and will certainly be asking for any suggestions in the upcoming weeks and months. Much Continued Success, ************************** Mike, Thanks for your faith in me. Your DVD purchase is also your ticket to my July 28th Live webinar. (details will automatically be e-mailed to you) - Godspeed. - Danny D'Angelo"
Mike Dalton - Lakeland, FL.

"I just got my lease down from $2.34 per sq ft to $1.38 per sq ft using your techniques! Not to mention abated (FREE) rent for 4 months! Now that I've done it "backwards", (Bought the DVD after closing on my current store) I have to get on to the next one the D'Angelo way! :) DVD paid for itself in less than a week! Unreal... I am going to schedule a conference call with you to see how I can accomplish the next step of my empire! Thanks for such great information!"
Mike Dalton - Lakeland, FL.

"I just watched the DVD. I was blown away by the amount of useful information. It allows you to be away from the business while it runs itself. He goes through important points like negotiating contracts, finding a location, getting to know your landlord and distributor and all the little details only a laundry insider (owner) would know but not be willing to share. Danny will show you how to do this for free while you build clientele and establish positive cash flow. Banks even defer loan payments in some cases to allow the business some time to establish itself in the community. The money that local banks loan to the applicant is backed by the full faith of the US government (SBA loans) as they want to create more jobs and opening small businesses. . Danny shares all that on his DVD in his 3 hour simple and straight forward interview-style presentation. He is a marketing genius by tapping into something that has no industry standards in terms of Laundromat business owners helping "Joe Plumbers" open a Laundromat. He is the real deal folks. I just thought that information this good must be shared, otherwise his efforts are in vain and lost. The sky is the limit."
Joe Luna - Halingen, TX (via FaceBook)

"I purchased your DVD and have learned so much. I am going to be placing an offer on a Laundromat in Durham in the next couple of days. Thanks."
Brian Pitchford - Durham, NC

"First of all I want to thank you for making your DVD available to all. I’m in a JOB (just over broke - as you say!), and found myself with no plan to move forward in my frustrated life. After watching your DVD a couple of months later things are happening on a positive note, which I could have only dreamed of. I have hope and a plan in place to succeed. Why did you put this video out? Why make this information available to everyone? Thank you and god bless. Kind Regards,"
Andrew Flynn - Deerfield Beach, FL.

"I received your DVD last week and I've already watched it twice. I am in a very difficult place in my life and I believe that all of this is coming to me at just the right time. I really have nothing left to lose and I believe that people in my situation are in the best position to succeed. I have owned small businesses before, which I sold, and now I am in a position where I can't even find a job. It seems to me that I have to go back into business for myself and owning a Laundromat appears to be the right thing at the right time. I went out and scouted three stores yesterday and I'm going to look at a few more today. Already 2 of the 3 I've seen have excellent potential based on the information you give as indicators of failure or missed income. In one case, both. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted, "
Jef Kirchmaier – Goleta, CA.

"Danny - I must admit I was very "skeptical" ordering your disk.... I’ve looked at several other opportunities over the years. A co-worker that brought up Laundromats during a guys weekend. Turns out he and his wife did it all wrong, bought one, had a "partner" who took care of the cash (no wonder they didn't make anything) and turns out the guy who sold it to them, then put up a huge store around the corner! He didn't have great things to say other than "you can....". Anyway - my wife and I watched the first disc last night. Being that we were mountain biking all day we were both tired, but guess what I watched at 6am this morning when I woke up? I thought this might be a hard sell with her... She sees the opportunity crystal clear... probably better than me at this point (I’m an engineer and always try to over-analyze everything). So, being today is Sunday, I just got back from visiting several stores in my area. Time to watch the DVDs again and take some notes this time. I already understand the exit strategy; so that’s half the battle! Now on to scouting stores and making some offers! This is one business that doesn't need to be complicated - just run SMART! "
Matt Avila - Allentown, PA. (Via Facebook)

"The moment I saw your site, I knew I didn't need to reinvent the wheel and could learn from the experience you and your clients had. Having spent 2 decades working with Fast Moving Consumer Good...s/ Food service Multinationals across the World in Business Development functions myself- This one seemed a natural progression harnessing the best of what nature offered and a bridge between Human Needs and Wants. I am sure with the insights you are gonna provide, we are going to make our venture more than a loader-tumbler experience. And you are welcome Down Under, anytime mate."
Amar Bantwal - Brisbane, Australia

"Danny, I bought your DVD about 2 months ago. I have studied it to no end. I have located a laundry, and thanks to your system already have good lease. It will be 2-3 weeks before it opens. Thank you very much. P.S. The machines are full of quarters!!! "
Jeff Maynard - Wallkill, NY.

"I owned a laundromat for three years, and I had no clue that I was doing EVERYTHING WRONG. after I saw the DVD, you taught me what I needed to do to be a success. "
Lorena Bencomo - Albuquerque, NM.

" I just got married in April. My husband's dream was always to buy a Laundromat. But his budget doesn't allow him to buy it on his own, so we wanted to buy it with my brother 50/50. After 1 week of researching the gross income, cash, etc; my brother said that there is “no way Laundromats make money”, plus if you finance you get into "slavery" for years without knowing for sure if you will finally own the Laundromat. So my husband got upset, but today before he left to work he gave me homework "Find me a Laundromat in Tampa, Florida!" So I Googled some, the postings didn't give me much info. And I sat on the floor almost hopeless. Then I saw a light bulb with a question: "How can you buy a business without knowing anything about it?" So I got back to my laptop and was ready to read, study, research... On Youtube the first video that popped up was Danny's "How To Buy A Laundromat" :)))))) I watched all 16 videos (one at a time). went on and bought the DVD, but still was suspicious of possibility of a scam, so I called the 888 number , Nigel picked up the phone, was so excited for me, wished me the best, and then added that today Danny shot a video in Tampa, Fl, some guy just got a free Laundromat there. WOW!!! That should have been my husband's! P.S. can't wait to get the DVD. Hope we can do it! God Bless!!! "
Raisa Danielyan -Ocean, NJ. (relocating to Tampa, FL.)

"I live in California but we are trying to escape to Colorado. We bought the DVDs and clearly see that the coin laundry industry is where we need to be - but not in California. My usual operating procedure is to make my plan, then make my play. Thank you for all the information on the DVDs. I'm confident this is what I need and want to do for myself and my kids (helping them get into business as well). Best regards,"
Glenn & Karen Meyer - Camarillo, CA.

"Danny’s DVD was instrumental in me purchasing my first Laundromat. We used a lot of ideas off of Danny's DVD We now have the newest, cleanest, friendliest Laundromat in the area and people are making great comments. Now we want to grab market share."
Rick Schwartz- Stow, OH.

"Danny, I wanted to thank you for your informative DVD you created. I never expected anyone to go to lengths of explaining detail by detail as to how to own a Laundromat. It's been a dream of mine since the age of 12 to own one. I stopped telling people when my family discouraged me and made me attend college. Once again thank you; and I'm beginning the scouting process. "
Kristy Casterjon - Temecula, CA.

"As soon as I came across Danny's DVD, I knew it was my destiny to fulfill this longtime dream of Laundromat ownership...Danny IS the mentor I’ve been looking for, for at least the past 10 years! I’m looking forward to even MORE KNOWLEDGE at Danny’s Webinar this month... The confidence is already there, thanks to Danny & the DVD."
Mark Tarrant - Snellville, GA.

"Danny, I want to thank you for putting on the Webinar and just as importantly inviting me to listen in. I took advantage and ordered the DVD. I have already "scouted" 4-5 Laundromats in my area but because I had NO REAL IDEA what I was looking at; I look forward to going back to them as soon as I become more informed from your DVD steps. I cannot wait to get back to you with feedback and questions. God Bless. "
Paul Barjon – Red Oak, TX.

"I appreciate your Webinar comments today... The store that I was discussing was built new last year by and individual that did it all wrong. Approx 3200 sq/ft, 34 wash - 34 dry, and its ESD card... - All the TI is done, new water, gas, electric, security, changers - completely new. By my estimates there is close to $350k worth of nearly new equipment in the store assuming 35-40% discounts). The lender has been stiffed for an unknown amount; landlord hasn't received any rent in at least 8 months. The owner simply walked out. It looks like he was bringing in average of 13k monthly and simply keeping the doors opened. The demographics; better than 42% renters, low-mid low income, and we have scoped ALL competitive places within 5 miles - The Landlord needs massaging so my partner and I are going to meet with them in the next week. We know that the advertiser (in this case the finance company) is trying to get “whole” on their loss, and have an ongoing dialogue with them. I don't think they are quite ready to fire-sale it.... but we’re patient. Were looking at this as getting the mat for free (with all the improvements in place equipment is new as of November 2011 but will also include a new warranty from Continental). From your comments the finance Company will take a huge bath if they have to pull the stuff out, so patience is key. As always, were continuing to scout stores and utilize your techniques. we continue looking for that deal of the day (meaning something that fits the model for free). Anyway, appreciate your call yesterday and looking forward to having a Cheese-steak with you when you film our new store (we’re getting there). "
Matt Avila - Allentown, PA.

"Most programs I have dealt with string you along, eventually revealing a few tidbits of insider information at the end, Danny's DVD was exactly the oposite, getting right to the point with so much information, it was like drinking from a firehose!"
Stephen Krajewski - Damascus, OR

"Aloha Danny, I bought your DVD back in March. I have always thought that owning a Laundromat business would be great. I started rooting around for info on the Internet when I found you and bought you DVD. ;-) What a great video! I'm now just a "PIN on your MAP!” in The Pacific Ocean. We only have just a few Laundromats in this area. I want to own one or more. Thank you for your awesome DVD ;-), and your time. "
Don Hooser – Kailua, Kona Hawaii

"Hey Danny! I've got the DVD’s and watched them all the way through four times since Friday. I've already visited a couple stores on Sunday & going out Tuesday to look at thirteen others! All I can say is you're a stud. I love your no bullshit approach. My eyes have been opened, I really thought it was gonna’ cost a shit ton to do this; but realize I was way off with almost everything! Thank you, and I hope to be sharing some good news with you soon. "
Kale Sederholm - Salt Lake City, UT

"Thank You for all your help! I saved $ 500,000.00. Before I got your DVD I was ready to build new one in my own shopping center for $600K in build-up cost and equipment. Now after watching your DVD over and over I found a Laundromat business and a building for $ 200K in high density area. My new store is in high traffic 30-40K cars a day and next door to McDonald’s. We simply have to clean, paint and fix leaks and we are opening in 10 days. "
Yemane Habtezgi – Denver, CO

"I finished your video about a week ago and I'm scouting for a store around me. Mr. Danny, I have to say you are the most generous person that I have ever seen. Before you showed us every thing that we need to know about Laundromat(s). And I know you are the only one out there that will give us this information, and the DVD is worth every penny. Thank you. "
Tri Le - Frisco, TX

"I am from Cambodia, and moved here at 18, when I spoke 0 english. I looked into Laundromats for 3 years but no idea what to do. I'm open a beautiful Laundromat September 30 2012 in Alaska. Thank you so much! - Sent from my iPhone"
Than Chau - Anchorage, AK.

"I must admit I was a little leery about the “Open 24 hour” part... but I stuck to the plan and were in our third week; business has picked up! The remote camera system is the best part! It’s exciting to see all of my work paying off, thanks to you, Buddy"
Brandon Howliet - Chicago, IL.

"I have watched your DVD and I have to say; it's Magnificent. No one would ever give away this kind of info, NEVER!. But you do. Such a generous guy you are. Your DVD made me want to get a store right away. Thank you."
Mike Tran - Frisco, TX.

"I have watched your DVD I received last week religiously and am taking a lot of notes. I am extremely interested in pursuing this avenue. I work full-time, and this job is demanding and extremely busy at this time. I have to say that you offer excellent information, especially about lease negotiations, distributor relations, and contract employee information. I am really impressed and wasn't aware that instead of hiring an employee where you would have to pay for all the expenses associated with it, especially payroll, state, federal taxes, insurance, etc. The information you reveal about hiring a contract employee/partnership is absolutely brilliant!!! Best Regards, "
Anne Marie Powarzynski – Rochester, NY.

"I live in Toronto Canada. I used to work at a bank but they closed my group in April. I'm committed to trying to work for myself because I've been laid off 2x in 8 years. I've been looking into, and trying to buy an existing Laundromat for some time when I came across your DVD. I found it informative and useful. Sometimes it's better to have some kind of visual instead of just reading it in a book. Its not about the volume of new information when someone's done some research it’s about the additional nuggets you might glean. "
Dan Fearon - Toronto, Canada.

"10/11/12 Is the video current and is my email address sold if I sign up for the newsletter? >>>- Hi Linda. The DVD is most certainly current. I see to it that we have never printed it in large batches for that very reason. It works TODAY, guaranteed. And; No. I don't sell or share your e-mail address or any other data. Thanks for e-mailing. Danny D’Angelo 10/16/12Husband and I finished watching your DVD tonight. We really felt it was quite helpful. I can see what a hard worker you are and appreciate your dedication to helping others. I’m tired of practicing law and am anxious to trade in my suites and heels for jeans and tennis shoes . Sending people off with clean clothes is phenomenally better than sending them off to a jail sentence or a bitter end to a 20 year marriage. Thanks again. Will continue to stay in touch. Looking forward to more newsletters and a possible seminar. P.S. my husband liked your man cave/safe room. "
Linda Louder - Los Angeles, CA.

"Thank you Mr. Danny. I will do my homework every day from now. You are my best mentor ever! "
Tri Le - Frisco, TX

"I have gone through the video 2 times and enjoyed it very much. A great psychological builder for this business and the methods you propose and have gone full speed ahead. Getting the items (A/C, Plumbing and other necessities) as concessions I would consider them freebies. "
Paul Giovinco - Glen Cove, NY

"I have greatly enjoyed your product! I have seen it now 2 times and must admit that I am going for the third time. Each time it discloses new or missed valuable information. To sum up what you have done I would use two words: customer service! I now see that the industry was lacking this element and it does wonders for the success! Needless to say the passion for what one does well helps the cause! In regards to some of the leasing laws the core concept remains the same and it already has helped me in the road of owning a laundry mat. Great job with the DVD and program! I like how real is, no nonsense and how easy is to capture the message. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you. "
Vilis Lazdins – Leamington Ontario Canada

"I made big mistake in starting my store in York, South Carolina from an existing Laundromat with all the old washers and dryers taken out. Most of my money went into renovations instead of putting a large down payment on new washers and dryers. I’ve been in business 2 years, good customer base, Making money, (pay the bills). But most of the money I make goes to my 3 employees! I hope your DVD will help me to put more money in my pocket. As soon as I make my business better, I will take that knowledge and look for another store. I hope to talk to you soon."
Rodney Blair - Clear Water Coin Laundry

"We have opened our first Laundromat in Brisbane last month. It's called “Dhobi Ghat” Thanks for the great, insightful DVD and your tips. Cheers."
Amar Bantwal – Brisbane, Australia

"Nigel, It was a pleasure to talk to you today and I got my receipt for ordering the DVDs already! Please let Danny know that I took his advice on Youtube and ordered his DVD, so therefore I'm “not a bitch!”"
Respectfully, James Brentlinger – Fairfield, CA.

"We opened our Laundromat! I wanted to have it open for a week or so before I let you know. ( to work the bugs out, of me and the store) I also wanted to tell you how much your DVD did for me. In a nut shell I signed a $1200/month lease and received $100,000.00 in equipment. Go figure Free Laundromat! I love it."
Jeff Maynard - Walkill, New York

"DVD in hand 24 hours ago, and I've already watched it 5 times... Yes, it's what you claim it to be; now it's time to take Orange County by storm! Thanks for giving me the knowledge to take the next step..."
Matthew Hilliard - LAPD (comment via facebook)

"I have just spent the past 2 hours viewing the DVD and taking notes. Thanks for the DVD. It was very well done. I have retained a consultant that has owned 4 Laundromats for the past 30 years, and have developed a sophisticated business model in excel based on type of equipment, vending price, water usage, weight volumes and turns per day that has been effective to get me to within 5% of actual value for the current stores. The DVD was very informative and supportive of what I have been learning over the past 3 years trying to buy a store."
Bob Lowry - San Francisco, CA

"Dear Danny, I’m pretty pissed off right now. I signed up for your newsletter back in 2010 about this same time of year. I have followed your every e-mail since, always intrigued, but never a believer. Last week I ordered your DVD. Call it an early resolution, whatever, I just decided it was time. This leads me to why I am pissed. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS THE DAY I FOUND YOUR WEB SITE! I am upset with myself. I now feel like I have wasted almost three years. Your information is remarkable. I have seen the DVD 4 times, (I actually snuck away Christmas eve to brush up). I was despondent, and although I have a good J-O-B, I need to work for myself, and earn cash. I now have the exact tools in my mind that WILL make this happen. I love how simple your concepts are. Thank you, God Bless you and your family- Happy New Year! "
Mark Rico – Minneapolis, MN (comment via Facebook)

"Danny, I want to begin by saying, Thank You Very Much!!! For this great opportunity. For the price of one college text book we are getting a degree in successful coin laundry management. I purchased your DVD and have watched it many, many times. I attended both last month and this month's webinar and found them extremely helpful in better understanding the opportunity! I am currently scouting my first store. Thank you, "
Aramis Velazquez – Lodi, NJ

"WOW!!! Danny, I’ll be honest; I really didn’t expect to hear back from you personally…. And certainly not so quickly. You are on fire!!! My spine is tingling because of your words about the credit issue. WOW. I’m pumped. I’ve been studying up on what to offer as far as my lease negotiation. I’m almost ready to go. Please tell me how we can arrange to chat. "
Derek Griffin - Houston Police Officer

"Danny, I want to thank you for the call to my potential landlord this afternoon. As much as I tried to stay positive I thought it was a dead deal based on him freaking out on me prior to your call. At one point I was nervous and thought he would end the call because we made no offer. You changed the tone and brought him back to our world of NOT paying for Laundromats. He literally was hanging on every word you said. I wish I recorded the conversation because it was classic! I wanted to take notes but I realized this is a “gift of gab” that I will have to learn if I want to succeed. Listening to you inspired me and made me believe that this stuff is real!! No bullshit…"
Andrew Flynn - Miami, FL.

"I want to thank you for the call to my potential landlord this afternoon. As much as I tried to stay positive I thought it was a dead deal based on him freaking out on me prior to your call. I was nervous and thought he would end the call because we made no offer. You changed the tone and brought him back to our world of NOT paying for Laundromats. He literally was hanging on every word you said. I wish I recorded the conversation because it was classic. I wanted to take notes, but I realized this is a gift of gab, that I will have to learn if I want to succeed. Listening to you inspired me and made me believe that this stuff is real!! No bull$hit.."
Andrew Flynn - Miami, FL.

"Thanks for the fast shipping on the DVD, really enjoyed it. You came across very sincere and have a lot of knowledge of the industry. I am being cautious and learning as much as I can about the business so I can make the right decision. I memorized every minute of your DVD so I have a good idea of what to look for. I may consider you for possible consulting if that’s an option? Thanks again,"
Andrew Pasqua - Lynbrook, NY

"Good Morning (or evening) for the other side of the world! I hail from Malaysia and came across your testimonials on YouTube. I'm looking into owning a Laundromat business in my town and am interested in purchasing your DVD to help me setting up. First of all; I’ve checked the DVD price from your website and its USD189.99 but that would be the shipping price or do you have a distributor in Asia? I’m Looking forward in purchasing your DVD. Hit me back! Thanks!, Warmest Regards, ******* Marcus, We ship Worldwide FOR fREE, always have. - Nigel"
Marus Teo - Malaysia

"Once again, thank you for the newsletters you so kindly send out. For the past 3 weeks. Me and the family have been going through some rough times. Everything you can think of is going wrong. My sweet mother asked me the other day if I “was still going to continue my search for a Laundromat?” With tears in my eyes I said "No, not now Mom" . At that very moment I checked my email and saw your newsletter. What valuable information that was - given that day. So, I told myself this is no time for the enemy to take my dreams from me. I'm taking a stand, Danny and refuse to let anything stand in my way. We; as a family, are going continue to run the race together. My mother and father, saw my devotion to wanting to obtain a Laundromat; watching your DVD over and over - day and night, taking & posting notes in my bathroom, kitchen and so on....Needless to say they are ready to take on the world of owning a Laundromat as well. My father said while I was working my long 16 hour shifts he sat and watched your DVD. So you inspired my Dad. Job well done!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a million times."
Kristy Castro – Winchester, CA (comment via FaceBook)

"I have owned 4 Laundromats for nearly 40 years. You are a lot closer/in tune with your customers than I am and I am inclined to believe you. I also own and operate 15 Retail Dry-cleaning stores, Routes, and commercial accounts. I just received your DVD. Thanks! A lot of information that people can depend on. You have covered a lot with all your writings. The videos are very well done and informative. In the meantime, keep on fighting the good fight. You are so on track in many ways."
Jay Cleary Sr. – Cleary Cleaners, Rochester, NM

"I am certain that if you were a guest speaker at Business Schools - students would be so inspired by your realistic and proven techniques that the school would churn out 100% entrepreneurs! During our conversation with one Landlord, who generally is VERY standoffish, In the end said, "Thank you Danny - You gave me some ideas". You painted scenarios for her with tenants who would buy the Laundromat for $82,000 and would still FAIL - with no change in the business, Versus leasing to us the infrastructure, getting new equipment, revamping the place and earning profit. I was impressed by how you convinced this woman, who is selling the Laundromat for $82,000 and hoping to lease @ $2500 per month to discuss it as a free Laundromat – and lease it to us $1500 a month ; in less than 20 minutes! Sheer geniusosity! ( I made up the word but you deserve it!) You speak the big business “Wal-Mart language” and it works! On the road to entrepreneurship - being mentored by the King of Laundry!"
Vaishali Raja – Ontario, Canada

"Hello Danny.. Grand Opening of MY Laundromat this Saturday!!! It’s been a little longer than I hoped but well worth the experience!!! Your DVD gave me knowledge and confidence.. Thanks"
Anna Aguilar - Rialto CA. (comment via Face Book)

"I'm a USAF veteran interested in starting a Laundromat. I was having a discussion with my friend the other day about starting a business and that's when he dropped your name and told me that you were the king of Laundromats. I thought he was joking, and I didn't take him seriously. Eventually he convinced me to go half on purchasing your DVD. We sat and watched with an open mind. The things you were telling us blew our minds away. You definitely are the real deal. The way you broke down the laundry industry made perfect sense me. Currently I am unemployed. Not because I want to be but because finding work has become difficult, so I decided to take this possible venture seriously. After all if I can't find a source of income I might as well create one. I want to do this but I want to do it RIGHT. You are clearly doing things right. Thank You."
-William Prempeh – NJ (comment via Face Book)

"I'm in a whole new world. What used to be treated as Liabilities in my JOB past are now valuable assets! (re; Mike's new Laundromat)"
Mike Harris - Chicago, IL

"For everyone that can read and understand a sentence, this is for you. It has taken me 9 months for find the right laundomat. At first the property manager threw away our letter of intent because she didn't think we were serious, then Danny caller her back. That was 3 months ago. We had everything in place after months of negotiating. The one thing I didn't see coming was the rent deposit. I am no way rich PERIOD! I am in the same financial situation most of you find yourselves. This would have been a deal killer since I didn't have money in the bank to cover the deposit. We had the lease in hand ready to sign! Today Danny talked to the property manager and he did his little rhetorical dance and had the deposit waived! If there is any doubt that this man is the real deal Hollyfield, remove it immediatley. Danny, you are THE MAN!"
James Brentlinger - Fairfield, CA. (Comment Via Facebook)

"What can I say about the dvd? How about Informational... Motivating....... better yet, Magnificent! Although, there are questions unanswered I have after watching the dvd, I still light this Cohiba for you! This e-mail is to salute you for making a not so in-depth, subject.. and turning it into the new connoisseur for cashing out in the Laundromat Business. Great Job."
Marc Taylor -Police Officer, Virginia Beach, VA

"This DVD is awesome you will learn more in those 2 disk than you will ever need to learn in college. You will be able to find a Laundromat very easy who is in the right neighborhood and watch it fail as the owners are not following what Danny says to do. Realize no one will ever really sell something which is a cash cow unless a death or a lottery winning or something crazy. Getting the lease is the hardest part, if you get a bad term lease you can have all the customers in the town but make no money. Danny can help you. He does charge money for that service but the way I look at it he will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the lease. Getting the equipment is easy and the companies offer low interest loans for them, or just take over the old machines. I would have to say if you are thinking of opening a Laundromat and don't buy the DVD; you’ve lost your mind, and have a good chance of failing the first 2 years - hands down! "
Mike Vanacore - Destin, FL. (comment via facebook)

"Let me be the first to tell you that he saved me a tons of money! Like the goof I am, I was about to buy a Laundromat! But, in all honesty it is pretty hard to find a Laundromat for lease that is vacant, cause the distributors (a-holes) are also looking for places like these cause they want to clean it up and sell it for profit leaving us the people stranded once again. But, to be honest, it's hard, but, not impossible! Some people it took a while, I myself am in the process of finding couple myself! "
“Kevin” Asif Khan - Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM)

"I had a good day. I bought a used change machine and the guy that I bought it from buys and builds Laundromats so we talked for about an hour. He said something that I already knew and Danny has said so many times. Maybe not in words, but in deeds. He told me that this business is hard to fail in, but people fail all the time. It's almost like people are programed to fail at anything. Some people are supposed to be employees; some are supposed to be employers/business owners. Every neglected or abused mat you come across is a business owner who should be an employee. For whatever reason they have lost the juice to keep the light lit in their mats. I really identified with this guy who has light years of experience in business management and ownership than I and he said I have the right attitude to be successful. I told him I wouldn't have done it without Danny D leading the way and took the plunge despite my fear of failure. I have been working my business all day and right now it's 8 PM. I still have to go to the store and get it ready for tomorrows Sunday rush and I love every damn minute of it because this is mine and I'm doing it with direct results for my family. Some people see it, some don't. Some people want to have a career and save money for retirement. I don't believe in saving money, I believe in buying assets that make me money and Laundromats do it for me better than anything else I have come across. I have done the network/relationship/pyramid/no friends left to ask to join the company and have failed miserably at it. I thought I was supposed to be an employee but I kept coming back to something that would get me out of the rat race. If it wasn't for Danny I'd still be stuck looking at the ass end of life as a slave to the system. Danny, thank you. I'm tired and exhausted, excited and motivated. I am a small business owner and I move America forward."
James Brentlinger - Fairfield, CA. (Comment Via Facebook)

""I have witnessed Danny in action yesterday. He was smooth. Not only did Danny save me from paying $7000 in security, he told the Landlord that I will not pay $15k in key fees! It was fantastic & fun to listen too on phone. Danny has all the experience and unbelievable skills in the negotiation process. A major benefit Danny can offer you is understanding the mentality of the landlord BC Danny has been doing this service for years! So Buy the DVD, follow his protocol, bust your ass scouting, get the contact info he needs to make calls, and Danny will do the rest. Thank you Danny. I will use your service again for a second store. Booya!!""
Jarrett Lowenstein - Newark, NJ

"“Hey Danny, I’m reaching out to you to say thank you very much. When I first learned of you I was quite interested in your information, but I was very skeptical too. I purchased your DVD, I consulted with you on the phone as well. At first, I believed you were taking advantage of these poor unsuspecting people, milking them for their hard-earned cash. Boy was I wrong, I studied your technique and practiced over and over again. My efforts payed off, I’m proud to tell you I was able to get 2 FREE laundromats with exceptionally long leases, and I got 3 months FREE rent as well. My information can be vetted for accuracy and legitimacy. Thanks again. Your information changed my life!” – Mike Harvin (2 FREE Laundromats in NYC)"
Mike Harvin, NYC, NY

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